First impression is the last impression. We all know the gravity this statement holds and might have experienced its weightage sometime in life. Now when we talk about the First impression that your house, holds on others is obviously at the main entrance of your place. So, to craft that one time perception that stays for a life time on anybody, we have innovated a range of Luxury High End doors, to flawlessly fit in to elevate your place and add value to the welcoming gestures with which you call in your loved ones in your home, in a tremendous way.

Appreciating a product is one thing but we design products that drive you with the longing to have one for yourself. Hence, we proudly say that we create something incredible that gives you the pleasure of owning an elegant and a well formed creation.

Our range Comprises of doors which can be bifurcated as per the below:

• We have Combinations of Hard wood /Solid wood Doors, which we team up with Resin and Crystals, to give you a whole lot of varieties to choose from.

• We have a range of Waterproof- Sliding  and Openable Doors, Single and Double Doors, For Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Rooms and for your Main Entry on the Front .

After so many options to choose from, the most promising thing of our products is the “Quality”, which make the complete range of our Doors different, robust, strong, unique, innovative and one of the Best range of high-end materials amongst the variety that is available in the markets of India and Abroad. We have a solution to all your requirements-however Big/ Small you would like to have the size of your door, we can make it customized for you.

Our Innovations include Unique, Modern, Ultramodern, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Royal, Antique, Cassy and latest Designs for your interiors and since we are into Bespoke (Made- to- Order) manufacturing, we give you new and latest options to choose your Door as per your liking of having  Black, Red, White, Beige, Ivory, Cherry, Rust, Cream, Blue, Light Colored or Dark colored interiors.

We specialize in manufacturing ,natural mother of pearl inlaid, Anvi luxury (routed, fusion, wood droplets and log fusion doors) which a show the beautiful play of light through translucent panels and  add to the beauty of your high-end interiors which meet the requirements of architects, interior designers and clients in the modern arena of prestigious projects.

Mother of  Pearl        - Wooden doors where the design pattern is inlaid with Natural mother of Pearl With/ without Crystals

 Anvi Luxury Surfaces- Combination of wood and resin  With/ without Crystals


FUSION -It is a blend of wood and resin, wherein the wood in the form of spaced strips is casted with resin in between them horizontally or vertically to form beautiful patterns.

ROUTED FUSION Here routing is done by making use of the latest technology on the top surface of the fusion panels, which in turn creates lucid accents to form a 3D EFFECT.

LOG FUSION- A refined combination of wood and resin where we showcase the charm of the inherent grains of wood when cut longitudinal or latitudinal, which is further merged with resin to complete the poise that the product withholds.

WOOD DROPLETS -These are a blend of wood and colored or transparent resin wherein crossectional wood in the form of cubes is used like droplets and resin/ polymer is casted in between them. This can be made with/without Crystals.



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