Whilst taking a closer look at this assortment, we will see refinement go from better to best. The quality, the finesse, the innovation and the LUXE factor has kept itself increasing with every move. So here we are, with the innovation/s of ours which we have termed as “Beyond Luxury”. As the name dignifies itself, with extreme luxury holding onto it. 

We have entirely introduced this segment, to fulfill the desires of the elite gentry of the society with incredible and exclusive items which hover out the word luxury and glamour merely by looking at them.

The products are designed under the fine supervision of the design team, then the trestle is framed using our in house technology, and finally the vital finishing is done with the crystals  where each crystal is set like a jewel on the trestle.

The end result that comeS out is intense sumptuousness, with such pieces that are distinctive, limited edition and only one of their sort. So if you crave for an implausible assortment which is extraordinary for the eyes to see, then we are sure, this is not something that you would like to miss out on.

It includes an extra ordinary collection of Sculptures, Bedroom sets and Tables, which you will love owning and experiencing exactly the way we loved making it.


Trying to give a larger than life ordeal to our esteemed clients, we have made this range which is a grand gesture that we have to present. A lovely combination of a beautiful set of materials- including wood, glass, composite material and the shimmering crystals that have come collectively to form this part of our extraordinary segment.

Prodigious the word speaks for itself magnificently. This segment of ours holds sophistication and a beyond belief luxury with over the top dimensions of the product that obviously, you are not going to find everywhere. The massive and gigantic sizes of the products in this range, are clubbed together with phenomenal luxury wherein the result that comes out is an extremely stupendous and fantabulous collection that is breath taking.

Extra Large Dining Tables- These dining tables are a complementing and plush gesture, for those who’s appetite increase when they dine together. The enormous and grand tables have a unique characteristic and that is their extra ordinary dimensions, which are more than usual. A magnanimous output is that it can be made upto a 20 seater table with an outstanding design and luxury filled into it to its core.

King Size Beds- These beds are for people who need that extra space in their beds when  they are sweet dreaming while taking a nap. The grand jumbo sized beds for spacious interiors are rare to find, especially when the luxury and design factor is kept as a top priority without being compromised upon.

The dimensions and the size of the products can be altered according to the requirement of the clients.

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