ARTECRAFT INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturing company since 1985, making exclusive assortments of luxury and high quality interior materials with latest designs and technology, by qualified partners in India, serving domestic and international customers. Having come a long way over the past 36 years, getting enhanced with every passing moment, we plan to scale the heights in the world of BESPOKE (Made-to order) masterpieces by adding utmost luxury of the world to our models. Artecraft created a brand name ANVI way back in 2001 with a vision to serve its customers in a very long run, creating a legacy for itself, for generations to come. Thereon, we sell our products under the brand name ANVI.

Our Assortments include:

  • Bedroom sets
  • Dining Sets
  • Tables (Dining, Center, Coffee and Conference Tables)
  • Exclusive Doors
  • Wall Panels/Partitions
  • Ceilings 

The combination of natural materials like NATURAL WOOD, RESIN, ORIGINAL MOTHER OF PEARL, PRECIOUS STONES, STEEL and CRYSTALS unite together to form a luxury model that appeals to it. The creations we provide have iconic features of the classical interiors and conceptual design of modern technology.

We showcase the real models of your designs/style. Thus, we help you have a blend of modernity and tradition, where we compromise on nothing than the best, when it comes to delivering the right product with the best quality.

So, for a better understanding we have segmented the entire range into the following categories

  1. ANVI LUXURY SURFACES    - combination of wood and Resin
  2. ANVI LUSH                             - furniture and sculptures made including crystals with other raw materials.          
  3. ANVI PEARL                           - surfaces bound with natural mother of pearl inbound with/ without crystals.
  4. LOG FUSION                           - Natural Wood Log & resin 


With over an experience of so long, the primary thing that we have come across is LEARNING AND INNOVATION –in thoughts, strategies, approaches and processes. We never stop to learn to give our customers the best and constantly deliver breakthrough products and services. Adapting to change, to the choices of our clientele and to suit their tastes makes us EVEN BETTER THAN THE BEST.

The main customers that we deal with are individual clients, dealers, architects, interior designers and high end furniture contractors.

We realize that every customer aims at having a unique piece for himself- A product that has never been made or owned by any other person. So, our designers try to come up with a unique idea every time, as we aim at ultimate satisfaction of our customers and justify ourselves when we say that we make luxury lifestyle for people with genuine individuality. Then that WOW factor, perhaps is involuntarily created.

The prerogative of our company is production of models in a wide range of custom design, where we rely totally on our Research and development team who work with latest technologies, to form unique interiors by paying great attention to the minutest details of processing and finishing of every piece that we make. The high quality Artecraft creations, above and beyond material and validity of design lie with the combined efforts of the designers, architects and the in- house manual skills of its craftsmen.

Our models are incorporated to design the luxury projects like Villas, Palaces, Royal and Presidential Suites, Corporate Houses, Luxury Yachts, Condominiums, Aircrafts or your Personal Home (Oasis)  .



  • For over 36 years, Artecraft has successfully aimed at setting new standards of excellence in its creations with the help of its highly skilled and proficient panel of workers known for their expertise in the field of interiors.
  • A passionate commitment to the product and manufacturing innovation is at the heart of the company, where latest technology is used for producing innovative products.
  • The company takes full accountability of its products where customer satisfaction is highly valued.
  • Tradition, Quality and distinctiveness are the key areas of our manufactured goods.


Artecraft created a brand name ANVI way back in 2001 with a vision to serve its customers in a very long run, creating a legacy for itself, for generations to come. The fortitude with which we have been able to build up a brand name for ourselves was because we believed in ourselves and were not afraid to work hard. And for sure, even today when talent holds hands with hard work, the results that come out are outstanding. Our insight keeps reminding us that the progress of a company depends on how innovative concept can be. And this happens when the research department of a company leaves no stone unturned to read the minds of its customers. Finally, when this is backed with the best quality, a product can have, then, that leads to the ultimate satisfaction of its customers. In turn, bringing a lot of goodwill to the company. Thus to conclude, we are proud to say that ANVI LIFESTYLE is a luxury lifestyle for people with genuine individuality.


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