ANVI LUSH, as the name dignifies itself, with extreme luxury holding onto it. It is our collection exclusive masterpieces, (LUXURY FURNITURE AND SCULPTURES) which is a combination of the talent of our in-house team , our master craftsmanship and the sparkling of the crystals of Swarovski, which  are very gently handcrafted on the products.

Eventually, when we landed up in the creation of this segment, we wanted to team up all the attributes of the word elegance and then characterize the final output to be an intermingle of classic, consistent, soft and timeless beauties.

In the fast paced world of today, where the altering trends, alarm you every minute that passes on, setting standards of your products to being timeless and classic beauties, puts you hard on task. And here we are, to present you the craftsmanship of Indian craftsmen, with the Swarovski crystals, up beating the elegance aspect, setting the origin of the ultimate beauties of ANVI LUSH.

Beautiful moulds, handcrafted with keeping in mind even miniscule accuracies, and then Swarovski crystals skillfully hand placed on the trestle- the whole process is a milestone to cover. But yes, we make it with so much perfection, that the products look effortless and so gentle that, each product seems to have a huge story to say and you cannot resist having one for yourself.

ANVI  LUSH, is definitely a peek into royalty and lavishness. The quality, the finesse, the innovation and the LUXE factor are the things that define it, to its core. So if you crave for an implausible assortment which is extraordinary for the eyes to see, then we are sure, this is not something that you would like not like to miss out on.

After being manufacturers to a number of stunning interior masterpieces and satisfying our domestic/international customers a great deal, the list does not seem to take a hault. Whilst taking a closer look at our assortment, we will see refinement go from better to best, because the taste of our privileged patrons is enhancing and their stipulate of having something new and innovative, is inspiring enough to give them something more luring with every next move.

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